Product Descriptions


The limited-edition YETI Hooper M30 Soft Cooler provides a practical and dependable on-the-go experience with its new and improved features. The extra wide opening allows room for all your fresh snacks and cold beverages. Accompanied with multiple utility pockets, this revolutionary soft cooler allows you to bring along your necessary excursion accessories. The tight seal magnets and durable outer shell preserve and protect the contents of the cooler. Along with re-attachable straps, handles, and state of the art insulation technology, the Hooper M30 Soft Cooler is guaranteed to be your most reliable travel cooler.

Oster Classic Series 8-Speed Blender

 Oster’s new 8-speed blender is a one-of-a-kind kitchen appliance. Assembled with the highest quality material, your new blender is destined to be your most reliable appliance. Featuring 8 titanium blades, batteries powering 8 different blend modes, and tight seal technology, the Oster 8-speed is capable of all your blending needs – from frozen drinks to smoothies, to shakes, to salsas. As the first blender featuring blades at the top and bottom of its 64-ounce container, your ingredients will be prepared in no time.