Are you a thrill-seeking traveler looking to make the most of your next adventure starts as soon as your departing flight? If so, welcome to Turbulence Airways! We are an international airline providing passengers with an exhilarating experience from wheels up to touchdown. Our over-the-shoulder seatbelts allow our passengers to experience in-flight barrel rolls, loops, nose dives, and more! After we reach our cruising altitude of 2,500 feet, our fastened seatbelt sign is turned off and passengers will have free range to move about the cabin while our pilots seek turbulent inducing paths. This provides our flyers with gut-wrenching experiences accompanied by incredibly close views of the overpassing landscapes! Here at Turbulence Airways, our adrenaline junkie passengers know us best for our unique landing experience. All our commercial planes have been specially designed to release their wheels upon take-off, making the landing unlike any other you’ve been a part of. Whether it’s a body of water, an open expressway, or a large field, our passengers are exposed to the adrenaline-pumping feeling of an emergency landing that few will ever get to participate in.

If you can’t wait for your destination to begin your thrill-seeking experience, book your next one-way flight with Turbulence Airways, where adrenaline is guaranteed, but your trip home isn’t!


Responsibilities of everyday life can deter us from our deeper purpose which takes faith, courage, and guts to pursue its discovery. So often we are consumed by daily routine and forget we are unique individuals with limitless potential. Blinded by the mondain tasks and expectations of a forty-hour work week, many will become victims to a perceived sense of security. When we take a step back and allow ourselves to see the miracle that is being alive, we can begin to see life in a completely new light.